IMEM Electra Lift

Lift Interior Flyers

Our carpenters manufacture lift interiors in our workshop to any design and specification to suit our customers needs. Below are some interior flyers from projects that have been specifically designed by our customers.

Deciding on an interior design can be difficult as this helps set the tone for anyone visiting the building. We recommend that lift interiors are upgraded around every 10 years to provide a fresh feel for passengers and provide confidence in their experience in the building. Sometimes simply upgrading the flooring or ceiling makes all the difference. During interior upgrades it is important to investigate if any compliance improvements can be achieved. These compliance improvements may relate to handrails, lighting, non-slip/fire rated flooring, relocation of car operating panels or additional car operating panels. An inspection from one of our team can outline all of the optional improvements to assist in the decision making process.

Click on each of the photos below to view their design. 

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