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Lift Upgrade

Lifts, like all mechanical equipment, will suffer from wear and tear with age. Parts eventually start failing to deliver the reliable and consistent operation that would be expected. At Electra Lift, we draw upon our many years of modernisation experience to put forward recommendations and customised upgrade options. We work together with owners to find the best long term solution for your lift equipment. We offer a wide range of customised upgrade packages, using only the highest quality of lift equipment from all over the globe.  

As an elevator ages and equipment becomes increasingly difficult to find or replace, along with code changes and deteriorating ride performance, a proactive upgrade of the elevator can be recommended to the building owners. Here at Electra Lift, we specialise in life modernisations and we have a large portfolio of clients that have upgraded their lifts with cost effective solutions. 

Minor or major upgrades can be performed on elevators to improve their longevity and reliability. Our team are licensed and certified to carry out your upgrade works, with comprehensive reporting available for every job. With compliance and safety high on the top of every building owner’s mind, we will keep you informed of the latest reviews and changes to codes. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable, with a plethora of experience and are provided with the most up-to-date parts for upgrading your lift. 

Boost your elevator’s reliability, eco-efficiency, comfort, and appearance – and bring it in line with the latest safety and accessibility standards – with our modernisation solutions for all needs and budgets.  

Contact us today for obligation free upgrade recommendations. We will visit your building and perform a full inspection of your lift equipment, to provide the best pathway forward. 

For a quote to upgrade your lift emergency phone to be nbn compatible, contact Electra Lift today.