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Lift Interiors

In-House Lift Interiors Team

We have been installing our own lift interiors and designs since the begining. Our carpentry team work directly for Electra Lift. We perform the carpentry work, electrical modifications and re-balancing/testing required.

Interior Showroom

We have our very own showroom with a selection of different interior designs, colour walls, button fixtures and displays. Viewing a built lift car with different options helps the decision making process. Available by appointment.

Custom Designs

Our aim is to work with owners on the design selection. The customisation is almost endless and no lift is the same. We can design an interior to suit your foyer, or provide a modern design to improve the value of your property.

Upgraded elevator entrance in stainless steel, Lift Interiors

Value Add

Improve the appearance of your lift and grow the confidence of passengers with a modern lift interior design. This process adds value to your property and may improves compliance. Lets work together to improve your elevators appearance.


  • Full interior upgrade
  • Ceiling upgrade 
  • Flooring upgrade
  • Internal lighting upgrade
  • Re-clad lift car and landing door panels
  • Re-clad landing frames and doors
  • Upgrade button fixtures
  • Practical design solutions
Elevator interior, Electra Lift interior, white glass lift, Lift Interiors
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Our Promise

Our aim is to provide the best service possible to keep your vertical transport assets operational, reliable and safe. The lift interiors we install and materials we use are high quality, durable and safe.

The Lift Interior gives visitors to your building, their first impression. A modern stylish interior helps to make this a good one.

Lets Work Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Most buildings upgrade their lift interiors every 7-10 years. This provides a cost effective face lift for the building, gives a new modern feel for passengers and increases property value.
Once drawings have been put together by Electra Lift, provided to the owners and approved, the general lead-time is 6 weeks. Most materials are sourced locally, however some flooring designs may take up to 12 weeks.
We always recommend vinyl floor tiles. They are commercial grade, fire compliant and meet the necessary slip ratings. They are light weight and flexible to upgrade in the future. The floor tiles we recommend are from Gerflor or Polyflor, manufactured in the UK.
The final decision is always up to the owners. We always recommend at least one mirror inside the lift. The mirror we use is 7mm vandal resistant. Having a mirror inside the lift makes passengers feel as though they are in the lift for less time.
Yes. We can install a new lift interior and retain the existing button panels. They will stay in the same location. We always recommend owners consider upgrading the button panels at the same time if they are old and obsolete. Additionally, replacing the button fixtures and upgrading the lift interior at the same time may give you the opportunity to improve disability compliance. With all upgrades, we always try to improve the lift compliance as expected by SafeWork NSW.

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