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Customised Elevators

Our lift replacement packages are completely customised to suit existing lift shafts. The lift internal sizes, controller location, machine location and retaining landing frames are all options to consider.

Experienced Solutions

We have been replacing lifts throughout NSW for many years and use only trusted, reliable suppliers. We have worked with many different types of existing lift shafts and provide full engineered solutions from start to finish.

Full Compliance

We source globally trusted, commercially available elevators that fully comply to the Australian Standards and SafeWork NSW requirements.

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Keep Your Shaft

A complete lift replacement is often the best solution for your lift equipment. While retaining the existing shaft, the whole lift is replaced including rails, machinery and door frames. We can inspect the existing installation and provide a complete package offer.

Potential Gains

  • Larger lift car size and height
  • Increased speed from floor to floor
  • Improved modern design
  • Less power consumption
  • Quieter operation
  • Reset the elevator lifecycle in one stage
  • Increase door opening width
  • Meet disability compliance
  • Increase property value
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Our Promise

Our aim is to provide the best service possible and replace your vertical transport assets with high quality, compliant, safe and reliable equipment. Replacement lifts that we install are completed to the highest quality standards to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
When existing lift installations can be improved no further, we can provide full lift replacements with custom designed elevators to suit any existing lift shaft. We offer a wide range of options to meet every unique building.

Lets Work Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevator. MRLs were first introduced into the industry in 1996 and are now the main design of elevator installed all over the world.
The MRLs that we source are manufactured in SPAIN. They meet all Australian standard requirements, are commercially available and globally trusted.
We recommend, yes. If your building was designed to have a lift machine room, it probably means that the lift shaft was never designed for a modern day MRL. Although an MRL may fit inside your lift shaft, the shaft walls may not have been designed with sound isolation in mind, or the top floor may not be suitable to house the new control equipment. We always recommend that existing machine rooms be re-used for new MRL equipment. This includes the new controller and possibly the new machine. Every building is different and we can explore the options for you.
Unfortunately no. During the replacement works, the lift will be completely out of action for the duration. We recommend providing owners and residents with as much notice as possible.
Often the answer is no. With most lifts, there are modernisation packages that are available which can provide the same reliability and longevity, at a lower cost. Some lift designs suit a major upgrade, but other lift designs are classified as problematic requiring replacement. Every lift is different. We can inspect your lift and provide the options that are available.

Instead of a Lift Replacement, a Lift Modernisation may be an option

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