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Lift Modernisation

Minor & Major Solutions

Depending on your elevators current condition, we can provide minor or major upgrade packages that will specifically suit your expectations. Appearance, reliability, end of life and financial situations can all be taken into account.

Proactive Planning

Lifts, like all mechanical equipment, will suffer from wear and tear with age. Parts eventually start failing to deliver the reliable and consistent operation that should be expected. We recommend proactive inspections are carried out to appropriately plan for the future.

Trusted Products

We only use compliant, reliable, commercially available and trusted products in our lift modernisation packages. Globally trusted elevator products help strengthen our reputation and ensure your elevator recieves the longevity it deserves from an upgrade.

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Custom Package

Boost your elevator’s reliability, eco-efficiency, comfort, code compliance and appearance with our customised lift modernisation packages. We will inspect your vertical transport assets and provide complete upgrade solutions.

Key Upgrade Areas

  • Controller/Machine Upgrades
  • Complete Hydraulic System
  • Door System Upgrade / Door Operator Option
  • Button Fixtures Upgrade
  • New Lift Interior Design
  • Code Compliance Safety Upgrade
  • Disability Compliance Upgrades
  • Emergency Communication Upgrade / GSM
  • DC to AC Specialised Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Upgrade Packages
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Our Promise

Our aim is to provide the best service possible to improve your vertical transport assets reliability, longevity and compliance. Modernisations we recommend and perform are completed to the highest quality standards to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

As an elevator ages and equipment becomes increasingly difficult to find or replace, along with code changes and deteriorating ride performance, we recommend owners proactively plan for the future.

Lets Work Together

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact expiry date when an elevator needs to be upgraded. We have no control over when a lift will eventually fail. What we can control is proactively planning to upgrade certain components to ensure lifts can remain reliable. Generally, once lift equipment reaches 15-20 years, upgrades should be planned.
Unfortunately lifts do not last forever. Quality lift maintenance will extend the life of equipment, but at some point reliability will become unstable. Parts become obsolete, lift leveling may cause trip hazards, doors may not open properly and the ride quality may become abrupt. The lift may begin to breakdown and may eventually fail to operate. Additionally your existing lift may not meet the current requirements of SafeWork NSW.
Firstly, it is always recommended that we inspect the equipment to provide our opinion. Generally, it is always best to upgrade the main control equipment first. This includes the controller, drive and machine. Followed by the door system, button fixtures and finally the lift interior. If a cosmetic upgrade is requested, this would involve the button fixtures and lift interior only, however this will not improve the overall performance and reliability.
Yes. If requested, we can provide minimal upgrade options to keep costs low and improve the lift reliability.
Most often, yes. We will need to inspect the equipment first to confirm, however generally upgrade packages can be staged to spread out the costs and shorten the lift downtime. Sometimes staged over multiple years with the most important sections upgraded first, and others planned for into the future.

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