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Lift Maintenance  

Periodic and accurate maintenance plays a pivotal role in the overall functionality of any lift. An elevator is an essential part of the building, and it is important that they operate in a predictable, safe and reliable manner. Let the technicians at our Sydney office help you maintain your lift in order to achieve the maximum output and the best performance from the equipment.  

We specialise in third party lift equipment and maintain lifts all over Sydney. Our team’s wealth of knowledge, years of experience and specialised expertise is what makes our maintenance service differ and stand out from the crowd. We work alongside you to ensure that your lift is operating at its best. Our maintenance includes regular servicing, breakdown callouts, access to our 24/7 call centre, replacement parts and a high level of communication. 

Experience has proven time and again that a regular service cycle can make a big difference to the life of your elevator, saving you a significant sum in emergency breakdowns and avoiding an early ‘end of life’ replacement.  

We offer three types of lift maintenance to help serve your needs. These different contract types are outlined below. 

If you seek a leading and reliable elevator maintenance service, contact us today! We will come out to inspect your lift free of charge to provide a proposal that best suits your elevator.

For a quote to upgrade your lift emergency phone to be nbn compatible, contact Electra Lift today.