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Lift Maintenance

Team of Experts

We specialise in third party lift equipment. Our team's wealth of knowledge, years of experience and specialised expertise is what makes our maintenance service superior.

Lift Maintenance is Important

Periodic and accurate maintenance plays a pivotal role in the overall functionality of any lift. Elevators are essential, and it is important that they operate in a predictable, safe and reliable manner.

Single to Multiple Portfolios

Single lift buildings to multiple group portfolios, we do it all. Our portfolios range from strata buildings, commercial complexes, government sectors, councils and more.

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Maintenance Plan

We provide lift maintenance packages to suit your elevators and financial requirements. Once we have inspected the equipment, we will provide the options that are available and how best they will suit your building.

Important Features

  • Regular service inspections
  • Breakdown emergency callouts
  • Access to our 24/7 call centre
  • Replacement parts from credible manufacturers
  • Access to spare parts warehouse
  • Access to fabrication & carpentry facilities
  • A high level of communication and expertise
  • Annual maintenance statement for compliance
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Our Promise

Our aim is to provide the best service possible to keep your vertical transport assets operational, reliable and safe. We will communicate with integrity and consistancy, while performing our services with the highest levels of safety and compliance.

Experience has proven time and time again that a quality service cycle can make a big difference to the longevity of every elevator and help avoid an early ‘end of life’ replacement.

Lets Work Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All lifts, according to SafeWork requirements, shall be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they are safe for use. Records must be kept of all maintenance inspections.
Lifts installed before 2000 generally required monthly service inspections. Lifts installed after this time require less frequent inspections as there are less moving parts on ‘newer’ elevators. Most modern lifts recieve 4 to 6 services per year.
We often relate lift maintenance coverage to motor vehicle insurance. It is always in the owners best interests to ensure major components are covered in the event of failure. The frequency of services often cannot predict when a major lift component may fail, and it is in the owners best interest to have major components covered under a maintenance agreement.
Yes. All lifts, according to SafeWork requirements, must have an emergency communication system to enable assistance in the event that passengers are trapped.
Yes. Every lift emergency phone system should be operating on a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) device. If required, we can provide a suitable SIM card and rental management plan. We offer compliant monitoring services which can give you peace of mind knowing that your elevator is safe for use.

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